Hi, I’m Bia Helvetti and I am a Story Keeper – a walker of the old paths, a teller of tall tales, a singer of witty ditties….

Welcome to my blog, my cyber-space campfire, the place where I sit down to share my stories and my songs and to muse about my life, my work and my beautiful island home, whose rich folklore inspires both.

 ” ‘Tis a land of mists and mountains old, Where the hills are hollow and the fields are gold, Where dragons and wizards command the caves, And  Selkie bask among the waves, Oh there be magic and monsters, dear, When Samhain fills thy heart with fear, And the veil, oh man, it grows so thin, That the halls of the fey will welcome you in.”

- From: The Gypsy and the Faerie by Bia Helvetti

My passion is sharing stories, old and new, and I try to post as many tales and ballads, fun little filk songs and poems on my blog as I can for you to enjoy. Similarly, if you are a Story Keeper yourself (and I believe that, at heart, we all are) please do get in touch and share your own ideas and inspirations, either by posting a comment or sharing a link to your own projects… I am always keen  to promote the work of others who share my passion for the folklore of the British Isles.

“Narratives are all around us, each of us is a product of their own stories, dramas and histories, richly weaving together our family’s past, our own present and our children’s heritage.”  – Once Upon a Time, Bia Helvetti, The Green Parent Magazine April/May 2010

A story written down is only ever half a story; in order for it to become whole, it must be read or listened to and so I hope that if you like what you read here you will pass it on -share it, tell it, shout it, sing it… how else do we keep ourselves and our history alive? All I ask is that you let folk know it is my work and direct them back here if they are interested in hearing more.

Thanks for taking the time to stop at my campfire,

“May the road always rise to meet your feet, May the wind always be at your back, May the sun shine warmly upon your face, And the rain fall softly upon your fields, And until we meet again, may the Lord hold you and I within the palm of his loving hand.” – A Celtic Blessing

Bia Helvetti

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  1. Decided to stop by and see what you have up and I was blown away! I now have a new slew of things to read through and what I’ve read so far it’s all enchanting.

    Amazing work, genuinely inspired.

    • What absolutely beautiful words! Thankyou so, so much for your lovely, encouraging comment – I look forward to reading your stories too. A very warm welcome to the campfire! :)

    • It was a real pleasure – I look forward to many more visits Marcia, and thankyou for your very kind comments, you are welcome at the campfire anytime :) Many blessings, Bia

    • No problem at all! – I do things like that ALL the time! Thanks for stopping by the campfire! :) I hope you get your instructable problem sorted out really soon, it was fantastic! And so sorry someone was so awful as to try and steal it :( Many blessings, Bia

    • Oh Kat, thankyou so much! I’d not been online for a while and this is a lovely ‘welcome back’ THANKYOU! :D I shall do a proper acceptance post asap! Have a super-splendid-awesomely-blessed week lovely lady and atb with all your own amazing writing! :) xx

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