News and fudge…


The fudge is in the brain, chaps … did you know a woman’s brain shrinks when she’s pregnant? Well this is my forth pregnancy so please, don’t hold out much hope for organisation, coherence or even an h’aporth of sense over the coming months – I assure you there will be none of these manifesting round here! Also the tea-ration-while-preggers situation is rather scary – only 5 cups a day – ONLY FIVE CUPS A DAY FOLKS!!! – I am really not functioning at my tip-top-caffeine-fuled-pinnacle-of-insanity-best right now I can tell you!

Just to prove the pudding, I have completely forgotten to update y’all about the fabulous occurrences that have been … er … occurring in the moving castle the last few weeks so here goes:

I’ve done my very first ever web-interview (excited!) with the amazingly talented Robertsonwrites whose short stories and fantasy fiction consistently blow me away with their awesomeness! You can check it out on his website here: and while you’re there take time to look around and read some his his short fiction which is superb.

My large summer project is coming towards an end – that is, nearing completion! – Enormous thankyous to all supported the indiego-go-go campaign, although we didn’t quite meet our target, enough money was made through various other crafty schemes to cover everything in the end, the day of the photoshoot was blessed with splendiferous sunny weather, despite torrential rain the few days before, and all my fabulous, crazy, steampunk friends and family pitched in to make it an utterly awesome day! I’ll be adding some of the edited photos to the extrardinaries website when they become available as well as some more ‘sneak peeks’ of the book. In the meantime you can check out our ‘most extraordinary combat system in the world ever!’  and look forward to the book release in the autumn :)

You may have noticed that I’ve posted up all the drafts of Smith and Skarry book one now… which means that I’m now polishing it all up behind the scenes and looking earnestly for an illustrator. I’d rather like to work with someone new on this baby, so if any of you  knows a great graphic novel / comic artist you have worked with or could recommend I’d be interested to check them out. In the meantime, the world of Ashton’s Kingdom continues to grow with the new post-apocalyptic series of short stories from The Airship Katerina, which I’ll post up as a series when they are all complete.

Also, Imps is now officially on Goodreads so I now have an author page on there which you can check out soon (I will put a link up at some point) although it will take me a while to get it going … also I SERIOUSLY need to sort this website out – IT IS A MESS! (Job for the winter though methinks!)

So things as usual are extremely busy and I’m starting to look forward to October when the moving castle will be hauling up for the winter – but we’ve still a summer full of festivals and fun to get through first! Tomorrow is my last day of internet here before we move on again so I’ll try to squeeze one more post in before we go!

Loads of blessings, love and light to you all ENJOY THE SUN WHILE IT LASTS!

Bia :) :) :)




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